The Throat Chakra

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The Throat Chakra ~ "I Speak" ~ Wear this symbol to promote communication, speech and trust, to stimulate creative expression,, and improve organizational abilities. 

Colour: Blue
Emotions: Expansion, Healing
Glands: Thyroid
Associated Body Parts: Throat, Vocal System, Mouth, Jaw, Parathyroid, Tongue, Neck, Shoulders, Lymphs (Perspiration), Atlas, Menstrual Cycle
Physical Disfunction: Thyroid, Flu, Fevers, Blisters, Infections, Herpes, Itching, Sores, Tonsillitis, Toothaches, OCD, Speech Disorders, TMJ, Hyperactivity, Melancholy, Hormonal Problems, Swelling, Hiccups, PMS, Mood Swings
Psychological Functions: Communication, Wisdom, Speech, Trust, Creative Expression, Planning, Spatial, Organization, Caution


By Dayna Maki