Sacral Chakra

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The Sacral Chakra ~ “I Feel” ~ Wear this symbol to stimulate feelings and emotions, to promote intimacy, sensuality and confidence, and to generate freedom, movement and sociability.

Location: Lower Abdomen
Colour: Orange
Emotions: Feelings, Desires
Glands: Gonads
Associated Body Parts: Ovaries, Testes, Womb, Kidneys, Urinary Tract, Skin, Spleen, Gallbladder, Recharges Etheric Body/Aura
Physical Disfunction: Impotence, Frigidity, Ovaries, Uterine Problems, Candida, Eating Disorders, Drug Use, Depression, Alcoholism, Polarity Imbalances, Gout, Allergies, Asthma (Oxygen Deficiencies)
Psychological Functions: Feelings, Emotions, Intimacy, Procreation, Polarity, Sensuality, Confidence, Sociability, Freedom, Movement


By Dayna Maki