Heart Chakra

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The Heart Chakra ~ “I love” ~ Wear the symbol to attract love and relationships, to promote acceptance, self-control, compassion, forgiveness, renewal and growth, to release feelings of guilt, and to create harmony and peace. 

Location: Centre of Chest
Colour: Green
Emotions: Balance, Love
Glands: Thymus
Associated Body Parts: Lungs, Heart, Bronchia,Thymus Gland, Arms, Hands, Respiratory, Hypertension, Muscles
Physical Disfunction: High Blood Pressure, Passiveness, Lethargy, Asthma, Immune System, Breathing Difficulties, Pneumonia, Emphysema, Cell Growth, Muscle Tension, Heart Problems, Chest Pain
Psychological Functions: Relationships, Love, Acceptance, Self-Control, Compassion, Guilt, Forgiveness, Harmony, Peace, Renewal, Growth

(Source: http://chakraenergy.com)

By Dayna Maki