Due to the fact this is a new website and very unique, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be posted based on user feedback which is specific to the Teeporium website.

The questions and answers will always be changing and growing in this webpage as the site grows and changes, so for starters, here are some general questions and answers for you to read.

Please contact us if you do have any more questions.

Q 1. How safe is your merchant provider?

A: We consider the security of our website and our customer data to be an issue of tremendous importance. In order to achieve an extremely secure e-commerce transaction environment we have established our payment processing services throughStripe, which is a leading provider of e-commerce based payment processing.

Q 2. How is shipping calculated, and how long does it take?

A: Our weight scale and calculator broke, so we offer free shipping to anywhere in North America.
Once the order comes in, it takes us up to 48 hours to process the order. Once the t-shirt is ready for shipping, shipments can range anywhere between 1-7 business days.

Q 3. How do I contact an artist to have them create or enhance something for me?

A: Simply browse through our artists' page and choose an art style that you like. On each artist page, look for the "Contact Me" link and email them directly.

Q 4. Are there refunds?

A: If the actual print of the custom graphic has defects in it, or printed as an improper representation of the graphic, please let us know, we'll take care of you and make you happy. We strive to keep you happy!

Q 5. What are the specifications of the T-shirts you offer?

A: Please see our Brands page. New brands are always being added.

Q 6. Why are your prices $2 more expensive for the larger t-shirts?

A: All of our X-Large, 2X-L, 3X-L, 4X-L, 5X-L and yes, 6X-L sizes have more fabric, hence, a bit more expensive.

Q 7. Are your images of the t-shirts with the images exact?

A: They are not exact but very close. If you don't like the big sizes, you can choose smaller ones too. Take a look at the variety of graphic sizes and choose the one that suits you best.