Anvil® has been around since 1899. We started out making workwear, but have since transformed into a fashion brand designed for individual expression. Our history of creating garments that wear well means everything we offer has quality and substance, but now more than ever, we’re delivering a fresher style. Our aim is to design relevant pieces that make a bold fashion statement but also say something about who the wearer is and what they believe in. We were one of the industry’s first to develop and use organic cotton and recycled P.E.T. apparel. During the course of our brand evolution, we’ve stayed true to our lineage by incorporating social and environmental practices that include a lasting commitment to the Environment, People and Communities. Our efficient energy, wastewater treatment and waste reduction programmes, as well as a commitment to vertical integration (we own most of the facilities where our products are produced), assure that almost every Anvil product has been made in a safe and ethical work environment where individuals are treated with respect and dignity. To learn more, visit