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Calling All Artists

Calling All Artists

Do you have a creative soul? Have you tried sculpting, beat poetry, and interpretive dance but found that none fill that void deep within? I know what might help. A way to influence people's lives, make a difference in the world, and encourage people to stay clothed. It’s all through the power of T-shirt design.

So how to become an artist? It starts with providing a short biography and links to your other works. After registering, your submitted designs will be featured on your own artist profile page, under the name of your choosing. All that’s left is to fill in the captcha to make sure you are not some T-shirt designing automaton. Although that would be pretty sweet. Any T-shirt designing robots can feel free to contact me personally. It's cool, I know binary.

Need some inspiration? Check out all the different graphic art styles you can add by browsing the artists. Or maybe you have designs for a topic that’s not yet listed, why not design your own? Then not only would you be responsible for the creation of T-shirts with graphics of that nature, and show this off to your friends!

Now you may ask, “How can I best prepare for designing T-shirt graphics for And what is the meaning of life? Can we know others if we do not know ourselves?” Well, dear reader, I have advice for the grandest of your existential questions: put yourself in someone else’s shoes (or in this case, shirt). Want to know what kind eye-catching graphic would suit a shirt? Browse through the pages of other designs that are available and see the variety you can add to. Next, consider that your graphic need not just go on a plain white T (side note: what ever happened to that band?). Users can choose from an array of colors as the background to their design, as well as size dimensions. As much as you design the graphic, they design the shirt. With this in mind, try creating a few shirts yourself using the different features. Once you’ve made your option selections, click “Add to Cart” and then view your cart to see the shirt priced, planned, and ready. Now you know the exact process shoppers will go through when selecting your designs. But to get a complete understanding, I would really recommend that you fill in your shipping and payment information and complete the order. Then wait for your free shipping to arrive and get to see those shirts in the flesh (er, fabric). Repeat until you’re comfortable with the process. Now you’re ready to sell shirts of your own! Buying custom shirts and selling your own designs – that’s Teeporium for you.


Until next time, stay artsy.

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