Canadiana designs for Canada Day

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Canadiana designs for Canada Day

On our virtual racks you’ll find tons of graphic designs offered across shirts a spectrum of a vast array of colors to choose from, with sizes from Youth XS to Adult 4XL. That’s quite the supply of different combinations to choose from, which is why Teeporium exists in the magical sphere of the Internet and not at a booth in the mall. From the comfort of your own home, or office, order your shirts exactly to your choosing and without any dirty looks for messing up a perfectly folded display. Best of all, shipping is free within North America, courtesy of Teeporium’s self-described “ Freest Shipping Ever!” Now, you may be thinking, “Isn’t free a binary condition, leaving terms like ‘freer’ and ‘freest’ redundant?” Or perhaps, “Sounds good to me.” But, in a world where “free” is usually followed by an asterisk and a chunk of text in 8-pt font citing limitations, yes, “freest” takes on the definition of being “actually free.”

Another thing unique to Teeporium is this blog. Think of me as your personal shopper. I will tell you about the deals. I will feature shirts for you and ways to wear them. I will get you interviews with the artists. I will fetch you a glass of ice water with lemon. What’s that? I don’t need to provide you with any refreshments? Well, that’s mighty kind of you. But rest assured, you can count on that other stuff.

But where to start browsing? You could go by topic (from Abstract to Zombies and everything in between) or view our Canadian graphic artists to see more of a style you love. Here are all the designs for those who like to be thorough - a commendable trait. Or…do you just want me to a pick a shirt for you? Can do. You can check out the Featured Shirts section of each blog for suggestions. Look, here it is right now. What a smooth segue.

Pictured below are Dory Rikkonen’s Canada banner graphic on white and Roberto Gonzalez’s Canada Stamp white on a red shirt.

Canada Day is coming up, which means a high probability of fireworks and an even higher probability of rain. But don’t worry, these shirts look just as good wet. Here’s an idea of how you can dress for the festivities: it requires that you have at least two friends (or people who can stand to be in your presence) who are not averse to wearing T-shirts. I know those are some pretty stringent requirements, but, in the words of fashion guru Tim Gunn, "Make it work."

The second requirement for this idea is that all participants must walk in formation AT ALL TIMES. Or just when posing for pictures. But I would really appreciate your dedication to the concept. Have two red shirts (not à la Star Trek) flanking a maple-leafed white shirt in the middle. And now you are part of a walking, talking, Canadian flag. It’s a metaphor! Or something. Another perk of your eye-catching group is that you can you can refer to yourselves as installation art.

For more suggestions, check out other Canadiana designs.

Happy summer, everyone!

Until next time, keep a warm heart and a cool head.

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