Fall Is In The Air


Fall Is In The Air

It’s that poetic time of year when the days become brisk, leaves start changing color, and coffee shops start offering everything with pumpkin spice (delicious in a muffin, not so much in an Italian soda).

Personally, I have yet to see evidence of changing colors and falling leaves but it's bound to be soon. In fact, some places have decided to forgo autumn altogether and have had their first snowfall. My condolences.

In any case, it’s never the wrong time to inject a little color into your wardrobe – like with Teeporium’s 21 different base shirt colors, perhaps. There’s red, orange, and yellow for the seasonal picks, but it doesn’t end there. There’s also your choice between gold and Vegas gold (all golds are equal, but some golds are more equal than others). That’s 3 different sunny shades, the same as the number of classifications for ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun! Coincidence? Well, probably.

Now, if you think Teeporium plays favorites to one side of the spectrum, please. Blues, greens, and grey's also come in a triplet of shades. That should cover all the colors in the Rainbow Burst design by Orange Eden Designs and then some.

When discussing fall, I thought, "Gee, it would be nice if Teeporium featured a relevant design for me to showcase. Maybe something with a leaf? Hmm...but wherever shall I find it?"

Fortunately all I had to do was look under topics. First Seasonals (though my curiosity led me to a bit of a detour through Social Commentary) followed by Harvest/Fall. And there was the Valor Leaf design. Handy, huh?

Alternatively, sometimes I do not want to traverse topics. I have a specific keyword in mind and I can’t decide which topic to look under – bacon? Robots? Both?? In this case, may I direct your attention to that little space up there by the magnifying glass, the universal symbol for detectives, inquisitiveness, and online search tools.

Oh, would you look at that, typing into the search bar begets related designs with the name and graphic subsequently displayed. That’s how I found Fallen by Paul Coombs, for example (that design works on so many levels).

Clearly the primary use for this feature is for me to have easy access to designs to blog about. Unless you want to usurp my position I can't image what anyone else would have to do with it...maybe use it to perform simple and efficient keyword searches to find designs of their preference, who knows.

And sometimes you don’t even know you’re looking for something until you come across it. That’s how I fortuitously found Kiss, also by Orange Eden Designs, through the “Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed” section of the previous shirt. That means you other customers already did my work for me by viewing similar products. Well thank you kindly, it’s greatly appreciated.

Of course, the ultimate test of a search tool is whether it can accomplish finding a mythical creature like the unicorn. After an air-tight investigation I can conclude yes, yes you can find a unicorn in the search bar. And you don’t even have to hit enter. Actually, I was halfway through typing “unic-” when both Unicycle by Evan Gowan and Unicorn by Vicky popped up.

So that’s one (supposedly) mythical creature down, what to look for next? Maybe a dragon…

Until next time, keep questing.

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